Emperor or Boss
Emperor or Boss
Rating 5.8

Emperor or Boss

On the Fu Bao’s 24th birthday, she accidentally got a wish note. There, she casually wrote down the wish to sleep with her handsome boss , but did not expect it to become reality. The next day; just when Fu Bao intends to make extensive use of the notes, the owner of the notes appeared in front of her door. But also claimed to be a king of a country. On one side there is the cold boss, and on the other the side, is the clingy emperor. And thus, Fu Bao’s troubles began.

You Who Appeared by Accident , Bi Xia Zai Zuo Lao Ban Zai You , Ou Ran Chu Xian De Ni , Bai Ha Joi Jo, Lou Baan Joi Yau , 偶然出现的你 , 陛下在左老板在右 , 陛下在左老闆在右
Status: Ongoing Network: Released: Feb 22, 2021 - Mar 10, 2021 Duration: 15 min. Country: Type: Drama Episodes: 18 Casts: , , , Released on: Updated on:


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