#Remolove: Futsuu no Koi wa Jado
#Remolove: Futsuu no Koi wa Jado
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#Remolove: Futsuu no Koi wa Jado

Mimi Ozakura is single and about to turn 29. She works as an occupational health physician at a corporate clinic. She is a perfectionist at her job. She will not compromise a person’s health with anyone or for any situation. This is how she picked up the nickname “Clinic Dictator.” She’s busy with work and dealing with situations like the coronavirus outbreak. One day, Mimi Ozakura realizes that she wants to fall in love. She then meets someone on social media. She doesn’t know that person’s name or what they look like, but she still falls in love with that person. Mimi Ozakura soon realizes that her love interest works at the same company.

Status: Ongoing Network: Released: Oct 14, 2020 - Dec 23, 2020 Duration: 60 min. Country: Type: Drama Episodes: 10 Released on: Updated on:


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